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  • Musab, Abdalaziz Ebrahim; Musab, Kamal Awad (Al-Mughtaribeen University, 2020)
    X-rays from devices inside hospitals and clinics represent a clear risk if they are constantly exposed, especially to workers in medical institutions or patients and their companions.To match health centers in Khartoum ...
  • Entisar, Alhaj Alsiddig Ahmed; Tanzeel, Adam Kunna Azraq (Al-Mughtaribeen University, 2020)
    The flex sensor is a torsion sensor that works by twisting to one side, where its resistance changes according to twisting. It is used in many applications, the most famous of which is gloves Sas Alqlex is a torsion ...
  • Waad, Tariq Yassien Mohammed; Eihab, Jameil allah Mahmoud Hamouda (Al-Mughtaribeen University, 2020-09)
    Cancer is a dreadful disease. Millions of people die every year because of this disease. The term leukemia refers to cancers of the white blood cells (WBC). It is characterized by abundance of abnormal white blood ...
  • Awab, Sabri Mahdi Fadol; Hassan, Mohammedin Hashim Salih; Mohammed, Adel Abdullah Ali; Razan, Omer Mohammed Abubaker (Al-Mughtaribeen University, 2020)
    This project presents a proposed technique of speech recognition system and it applies to voice control of electromechanical appliance, especially voice controlled wheelchair for handicapped people. Our aim is to interact ...

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